Madonna faces yet another federal lawsuit for concert delays.

The artist is in trouble again due to the late start of her concerts. Last year, she delayed a concert in New York for three hours, prompting fans to file a lawsuit. The situation repeated itself this month.

On Friday, April 19, another complaint was filed against superstar Madonna by three ticket buyers for her concert in Washington. The singer was again accused of violating the law as she was two hours late for both of her performances at the Capital One Arena in Washington in December.

Her fans, Elizabeth Halper-Asafi, Mary Conoboy, and Nestor Montemayor Jr., claim that although she was scheduled to take the stage as part of The Celebration Tour at 8:30 PM, the pop music queen started her performance only at 10:30 PM.

According to a document obtained by Rolling Stone, the fans stated that they felt «deceived» and were forced to «leave the concerts early,» as the artist deprived them of the opportunity to enjoy the concert in its entirety, for which they had paid.


Additionally, fans accused the organizers of providing «excessively hot and uncomfortable temperatures in the venue during the performance.» They also claimed that Madonna used a backing track for most of the concert. Dissatisfied attendees stated that these actions constitute «arrogance and complete disrespect» towards ticket holders.

Essentially, Madonna and Live Nation are the worst nightmare for concertgoers, the lawsuit states.

During her tour in Washington, Madonna allegedly made an offensive statement from the stage, according to fans.

«I’m sorry I’m late. Actually, no, I’m not sorry, that’s just who I am… I’m always running behind.


The lawsuit also claims that the defendants failed to notify attendees that the concerts would start much later than the start time indicated on the tickets, causing fans to wait for hours for the show to begin. The documents cited other examples of Madonna’s tardiness over the years.

Over the years, numerous articles have appeared in the media and online where fans complained that Madonna does not take the stage for several hours after the advertised start time. Unfortunately, not all people who believe in concert advertisements are aware of this.

The plaintiffs are seeking compensation for damages; however, the representative of the artist has yet to comment on the situation. Regarding the previous lawsuit filed by fans in early April, the show’s lawyers responded with a rebuttal, asserting that it was illogical for fans to expect the singer to start the show on time.

«No reasonable concertgoer—and certainly no Madonna fan—expects a headlining act of a major concert to take the stage at the time specified,» they said in a statement. «Fans received exactly what they paid for: a full, high-quality concert from the queen of pop music.»

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