Salma Hayek appeared on stage with Madonna

The actress joined the singer during her tour concert to perform the track «Burning Up» together. For her appearance, the Hollywood diva chose a striking outfit.

57-year-old Salma Hayek made Madonna’s recent show even more vibrant: the stars appeared on the same stage in Mexico on Friday, April 27th. The pop music legend concluded her tour at the Palacio de los Deportes concert hall in Mexico City. Salma appeared before the audience dressed as the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, whom the actress portrayed in the Oscar-winning film «Frida» in 2002.

«Thank you so much, Madonna, for allowing me to be part of your iconic holiday tour. This unforgettable night will stay in my memory,» Salma captioned her post.

Salma at Madonna’s concert

Salma was dressed in a bohemian maxi skirt, similar to the one often worn by the artist, paired with a sheer black corset. She braided her hair into a braid and wrapped it around her head, adorned with large flowers, creating a classic Frida look.

As you know, I have a great history connected with Mexico,» Hayek told the Mexican audience during her performance. «When I was a little girl, I discovered Frida Kahlo. I went to the only museum that existed in Detroit, and there were murals by Diego Rivera everywhere, but honestly, I was more interested in a small photograph in the corner, showing a beautiful woman with braided hair and intense eyes.

Photos from the performance

It is reported that a week before her tour, Madonna met with the Kahlo family at their home in the El Pedregal neighborhood. In the family’s guest book, the artist expressed admiration for the painter and shared that she considers Frida her sister, as reported by the Mexican newspaper Reforma.

65-year-old Madonna has been delighting fans throughout the past year and is now concluding her world tour, Celebration. However, not everything is going smoothly: recently, several fans sued the superstar for her hours-long delays.

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