Ryan Gosling wouldn’t take on any role for anything.

The actor described projects he wouldn’t agree to under any circumstances.

«At 43, Ryan Gosling has firmly established himself in the A-list of Hollywood stars, and despite receiving a huge number of offers, he is completely free to choose roles that resonate with him. In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Gosling explained which projects he rejects at the script-reading stage. According to the actor, he tries to avoid ‘dark’ themes in cinema.

‘In reality, I don’t take on roles that bring darkness,’ he confessed.»

Райан Гослинг

«Gosling explains this by saying that he is primarily focused on his family and therefore unwilling to let negativity into his life.

‘When choosing a role, I always try to understand what will be best for all of us. We make decisions together with Eva (Mendes — ed.). And we do it, first and foremost, with care for our family.’

The actor clarified that he decided to focus on light and positive roles after portraying a dramatic character in the Oscar-winning ‘La La Land’ alongside Emma Stone.»

Райан Гослинг и Эмма Стоун
Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

Let’s remind that Ryan Gosling’s partner, Eva Mendes, has indeed stepped away from her acting career to focus on raising their children. The actors have two daughters: 9-year-old Esmeralda and 8-year-old Amada.

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