Sandra Bullock wanted to act with Reeves again before her death.

American actress Sandra Bullock confessed that before her death, she would like to act again alongside her colleague Keanu Reeves. She revealed this during the 50 MPH podcast.

«Before I die, before I leave this planet, I really think that Keanu and I have to do something together in front of the camera,» she stated.

Reeves supported his colleague, noting that he himself would like the same. He called it «unfinished business.» The actor didn’t rule out the possibility that they could star together, for example, in «Speed 3.»

In 1994, the actors starred in the action film «Speed,» which won two Oscars, and in 2006, they appeared together in the romance «The Lake House.»

After the first film, they became one of the iconic on-screen duos of the decade.

In early April, actor Aziz Ansari revealed that Reeves fractured his patella while filming «Luck» when he tripped over a rug on his way to the makeup room.

Earlier, Reeves underwent a radical image change, appearing in public with a short haircut and trimmed beard. This was linked to his new role in the comedy «Exit.»

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