Chloe Kardashian shared how she lost 36 kilograms.

Khloe Kardashian shared how she lost 36 kilograms after the birth of her daughter True in 2018. According to her, lifestyle changes and diet helped her shed the extra weight, as she weighed over 90 kilograms after giving birth.

«I cut out all sodas,» she said on the «She MD» podcast. «Gradually, I started eliminating certain foods. I did it for a week, and then I would cut out something else, because I realized that in my youth, I adhered to every diet that existed.»

According to the Daily Mail, Kardashian now weighs 55 kilograms. Khloe admitted that dieting and weight loss have never come easy to her because she «struggled with weight issues for most of her life.»

For many years, she was trapped in a toxic cycle of emotional eating, often overeating unhealthy foods and then crying over her choices.

«It took me years,» she added. «I was always chubby. Always active, but never in shape. I was more interested in food, so I had to retrain myself about what I can and can’t eat.»

After achieving her ideal body, Kardashian often allows herself to indulge when it comes to food, although she no longer has an appetite for her past sinful pleasures.

«I kind of eat what I want,» she explained. «But because my brain is so trained, I don’t even want unhealthy food anymore.»

Her only weakness is pizza, although now she doesn’t finish the whole pizza.

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