Millie Bobby Brown tenderly congratulated her fiancé on his birthday.

The star of ‘Stranger Things’ posted a joint photo with her future husband in honor of his 22nd birthday.

«20-year-old Millie Bobby Brown publicly showed how much she loves her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi. On May 7, the son of legendary musician John Bon Jovi turned 22. Millie posted two photos and made a tender caption.

«The day you were born is my favorite day,» she wrote. «I love you!»

In the first photo, the couple is depicted taking a stroll in the park, and in the second picture, they are holding hands in a convertible, where Brown’s engagement ring shines brightly in the sun.»

Из блога Милли Бобби Браун
«From Millie Bobby Brown’s blog»

The future husband and wife announced their engagement in April 2023. Since then, fans of the couple have been eagerly awaiting the wedding and speculating whether the famous father, Bon Jovi, will perform at the celebration. This is not the first time the star of ‘Stranger Things’ has publicly expressed her love for her young man. Brown regularly shares tender messages to her fiancé on social media.

In March of this year, she captioned a post, ‘My eternal prince.’

And in November 2023, she wrote under their joint selfie, ‘It’s Friday, and I’m in love.’

Джейк и Милли
Jake and Millie

«The actress is excited about their future wedding ceremony with Bon Jovi. Sometimes she even shares plans about their future children and reveals details about wedding planning. In March of this year, the bride told journalists that preparing for the big day is going very joyfully.»

«That’s really interesting. I’m very, very lucky,» Brown said.

Милли и Джек
Jake and Millie
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