Johnny Depp responded to scandalous accusations from his colleague on the set

Actress Lola Glodini accused Johnny of abuse on the set during a popular podcast broadcast.

The 52-year-old actress from the movie «Blow» (2001) claimed that Johnny showed her extreme disrespect by shouting and calling her an «idiot,» after which she, according to her own words, became an outcast on the set. Depp had more influence among the crew, and the actors and director Ted Demme sided with him in the conflict. Then, the next day, Johnny’s representative reached out to the press and strongly criticized the accusations.

«Johnny always prioritizes good working relationships with colleagues, and these allegations differ significantly from the memories of other participants in the filming process,» he said.

Джонни Депп
Johnny Depp

In fact, Glodini’s interview on The Powerful Truth Angels podcast took place back in January, but it’s only now that the scandalous excerpt has gone viral online. According to the actress, Depp lashed out at her with insults after she laughed awkwardly at one of his lines, following the director’s cue. Johnny rudely ordered her to «shut up» and respect his work.

For Johnny, these allegations come at an inconvenient time. Over the past year, he has struggled to clear his reputation following a scandalous legal battle with his ex-wife Amber Heard, who accused him not only of emotional but also physical abuse.

Лола Глодини
Lola Glodini
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