He would be more suitable for Angelina Jolie: How Brad Pitt’s younger brother looks and what he is doing nowadays

Few people know that Brad Pitt has a younger brother, Douglas. Unlike the actor, his family member avoids a glamorous life and publicity – although they have tried to tempt him into the world of showbiz more than once!

Brad Pitt is the most famous man in the world. Perhaps upon hearing his name, each of us will remember what the actor looks like. And many nostalgically recall the moments when they were hopelessly in love with him. But few people know about Brad’s younger brother! More precisely, only those who have encountered him in work processes.

Douglas Pitt is three years younger than his famous brother. Unlike Brad, technical sciences were close to him at a young age. At the age of 24, he opened his first company in the field of information technology — and then successfully continued in the computer sector.

But business is not the main focus of Douglas’s life at all. For many years, he has been actively involved in charity work and is even a goodwill ambassador in Tanzania! In his home state of Missouri, he funds schools, universities, and hospitals – all while continuing to work as a supervisor in Africa.

What can you say about the younger brother of the famous star? Would he be more suitable for Jolie because of his merits and work?

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