She has an incredible presence: It’s hard to believe that this girl is the daughter of the funny Mr. Bean.

Few people know what the daughter of Rowan Atkinson, better known for his character Mr. Bean, looks like. The globally beloved actor has appeared in various films, but Mr. Bean was his cult image. He became enormously popular and loved, and everyone wanted to know more about his private life.

But few know anything about his family. Now, the star’s eldest daughter is 28 years old. Atkinson was married to makeup artist Sunetra Sastri from 1990 to 2015. During their marriage, they had a son, Benjamin, and a daughter, Lily. As a toddler, she often accompanied her father on set and even appeared in «Johnny English: Reborn.

The girl rarely appears in public and tries to keep her social media profiles private. However, in the photos that are available, it is clear to see that the artist’s daughter has grown into a true beauty and resembles her mother more.

Did you find the daughter of the famous star to be a nice girl? Could you have imagined that he would have such a handsome heir?

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