«Almost no lips left, the face has sagged»: Jolie’s fans did not recognize her in new photos.

Celebrities are always being watched by paparazzi. Whether they like it or not, the cameras can catch them at their best and without makeup, in a stretched-out T-shirt.

Recently, the actress and her daughter went for a walk together. They were surprised by an ambush. When the photos were published, the public was disappointed.

It turns out that Angelina no longer looks as attractive as before. No full lips and smooth face anymore. But the artist also has fans who will always support her.

People write: ‘Where have her lips gone, have they disappeared?’, ‘Looks too bad’, ‘Has lost so much weight’, ‘Why these sacrifices?’, ‘Will always be a beauty ideal’, ‘Good mother’.

Have you noticed how Jolie has changed?

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