«My family is very upset»: Prince William spoke about the condition of Kate Middleton.

Prince William, during a visit to a hospital in the Isles of Scilly, spoke about Kate Middleton’s condition. This is reported by Mirror.

The future king of the United Kingdom stated that his wife «feels well.»

The Prince of Wales made his first official trip since inheriting the Duchy of Cornwall. William, known locally as the Duke of Cornwall, arrived at St Mary’s Island by boat from Tresco, one of the smaller islands.

The son of King Charles III was taken a short distance from the harbor to the public St Mary’s Hospital, where he met with staff and learned about plans for a major new expansion. It involves the construction of a new medical and social facility within the Duchy of Cornwall.

«Silly… What a wonderful way to spend Friday morning!» — noted Kate Middleton’s husband, sharing a video of his visit.

Upon the prince’s arrival, he was greeted by Tracy Smith, who oversees the administration of the hospital.

«I asked about Princess Kate and the children, and said I hoped they would enjoy spending time here in the summer. He said he would really like that to happen. The Prince and Princess of Wales occasionally bring their three children to Tresco for holidays, following a tradition that William enjoyed as a child,» noted Smith.

The heir to the throne also met a group of tourists who gathered at the harbor to see him. Fans of the Prince of Wales asked him to stay with them longer.

«My family is very upset that I am here without them. The children will kill me if I don’t go home later,» William laughed.

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