«Fat again?» Adele’s new public appearance has embarrassed viewers.

The singer’s remarkable attractiveness, which was further enhanced by significant weight loss, is the reason for this.

About three years ago, Adele left the stage and stopped attending social events. The singer then decided to take a break from her career after a painful divorce from businessman and father of her son, Simon Konecki.

As often happens after a divorce, the singer began to rigorously transform her appearance, with the most significant changes affecting her body. In less than a year, Adele went from a chubby star to an elegant gazelle with a wasp waist.

The British star’s makeover suddenly surprised everyone. The singer was completely unrecognizable! At one point, fans even became concerned about Adele’s extreme thinness.

The artist was, as they say, «skin and bones» at one point, but she has gradually gained some weight back. The result of this was showcased by Adele during her solo concert in Las Vegas, where she appeared on stage in a black velvet dress with an open neckline.

Het elegante en verfijnde ontwerp van Schiaparelli accentueerde de kleine taille en de volle heupen van de zangeres. Internetgebruikers begonnen zich al snel af te vragen: is Adele echt weer aangekomen? Of zorgde het fluwelen pak met de vreemde riem ervoor dat ze er voller uitzag?

“Adele is weer aangekomen”, “Zo mooi, maar waarom zijn haar heupen zo breed”, “Kim Kardashian zou jaloers zijn”, “Ze ziet er zo goed uit in die vorm, als ze maar niet weer aankomt”, “Ik weet niet of de jurk extra kilo’s toevoegde of dat ze echt is aangekomen”, “Verbluffende schoonheid in elke vorm”, – merkten internetgebruikers op.

The elegant and sophisticated design by Schiaparelli accentuated the singer’s small waist and full hips. Internet users quickly began to wonder: did Adele really gain weight again? Or did the velvet suit with the strange belt make her appear fuller?

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