Megan Markle shared touching moments related to her daughter.

The duchess has to find a balance between motherhood and work.

«Megan Markle shared insights into her motherhood during an official visit to Nigeria. The duchess, who is the wife of a British prince, talked about raising her two children — five-year-old Archie and two-year-old Lilibet. She noted that she loves spending time with her children. ‘I always dreamed of becoming a mother. I am so happy that we have two wonderful, healthy, talkative, and simply charming little ones! I love being a mom!’ the duchess said.»

«At the same time, the wife of Prince Harry doesn’t forget about her work. At the ‘Women Leaders’ event in Nigeria, Megan shared her joy of motherhood and emphasized that balancing work and raising children presents certain difficulties, but she finds a balance. ‘I think it’s important to understand that this sense of balance — it will always change. The balance that seemed to be in place ten years ago may no longer be the same in an instant,’ noted Megan Markle.

Megan also talked about how her daughter Lilibet saw herself in her eyes, which touched the duchess’s heart. ‘She looked at me and saw her reflection in my eyes. And then she said to me, «Mom, I see myself in you,»‘ the woman shared.»

The former actress also shared that her blood is 43% Nigerian, and after visiting the country, she noticed the vibrant local fashion. ‘I immediately called my mom because I was eager to know if she knew anything about it. After arriving in Nigeria, I quickly realized that I should wear brighter clothes to fit into your company and match your stunning fashion,’ stated Markle.

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