Meryl Streep recalled filming a dangerous bedroom scene.

Hollywood actress Meryl Streep recalled filming a dangerous bedroom scene during the production of the film «Out of Africa.» Her words were reported by People.

Streep recounted that the intimate scene with her co-star Robert Redford was filmed in a river near wild animals. «Hippos were wandering nearby. I don’t remember if they showed this in the movie. But I was aware of it,» she noted.

The actress emphasized that the animals could have attacked the film crew. She also recalled that lions were specifically brought to Kenya for the filming. Despite being told that the animals were tame, this was not the case.

Earlier, Serbian director Emir Kusturica discussed how he works on erotic scenes in his films. As an example, the filmmaker cited his movie «On the Milky Road,» in which actress Monica Bellucci played the lead role.

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