Selena Gomez and Zoe Saldana attended a screening of the musical «Emilia Perez» at Cannes.

Jacques Audiard returned to Cannes, presenting his «Emilia Perez» to the world on Saturday evening, which received a rousing response from the audience, as reported byThe Hollywood Reporter.

In the French filmmaker’s 10th movie, Zoe Saldana stars as a lawyer, Selena Gomez as the wife of a drug baron, Edgar Ramirez as a dangerous love interest, and Karla Sofia Gascón, whose character wants to escape from a life of crime and become the woman she has always dreamed of being.

Saldana and Gascón were in tears, while Gomez appeared visibly moved, covering her face with her hands.

«Emilia Perez» marks a triumphant return for the director. Among his other notable works are «Paris, 13th District,» «The Sisters Brothers,» «Rust and Bone,» «A Prophet,» «Read My Lips,» «A Self-Made Hero,» and more. With its star-studded cast, «Emilia Perez» was one of the most anticipated films of the weekend.

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