Kate Middleton, who is battling cancer, has affected skin and bone marrow.

Several months ago, the princess announced that she was starting a battle with cancer.

To call this year easy for the British royal family would be an understatement. First, recently crowned King Charles III announced a serious illness. The public had barely come to terms with this news when new worries emerged: the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, had disappeared without a trace. Kate had informed the public that she was scheduled for surgery and then vanished from all radar. Fans raised the alarm as William’s wife had not reappeared for several months.

The enormous amount of speculation and rumors surrounding the family forced Kate to reveal the reason for her disappearance. The Princess of Wales announced that she had been diagnosed with cancer and was facing a tough treatment ahead. Following this, Middleton once again withdrew from public view and put all her duties on hold. The royal family has not shared any further details, likely because there is no good news to report at the moment.

Recently, it became known that the course of chemotherapy is having a detrimental effect on the health of Prince William’s wife. Skin, bone marrow, mucous membranes, and hair are affected. Dr. Stuart Fisher told the press that cancer is a severe ordeal that impacts both physical and emotional health.

Earlier, it was reported that Kate Middleton’s friends have been unable to contact the princess. Some sources claim that it will take many years for Prince William’s wife to return to her duties.

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