News of when Kate Middleton will make a public appearance has been revealed.

The Princess of Wales is actively undergoing treatment.

Several months ago, the Princess of Wales announced that doctors had diagnosed her with a serious illness. She has already begun treatment. Fans are eagerly awaiting her return. The last time the princess was seen was in December of last year at Christmas. Kate’s representative then noted that the princess would make a public appearance after Easter. However, this did not happen. Now it has become known that she will not be able to resume her duties in the near future. However, more precise information has now emerged about when the wife of Prince William will appear in public.

Daily Mail correspondent Richard Eden, specializing in news about the royal family and maintaining close ties with Kate’s close friends, has learned information about the princess. He found out that the wife of Prince William will only make a public appearance in early autumn. Moreover, even these dates may be subject to change, perhaps her return will occur later. In a statement from her representative, it was noted that Kate will return to her duties only after doctors deem her ready from a health perspective.

This information has sparked new rumors about Middleton’s health condition. With the princess’s return postponed for an extended period, journalists have rendered their verdict. They believe that things are not looking good for the princess. If Kate had shown any positive progress, she would have appeared in public much earlier.

And the new portrait of the princess has sparked a huge amount of discussion. It was difficult to recognize the woman. Kate looked frightening.

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