Britney Spears had all her jewelry stolen: first details of the robbery

The singer stated that she is now afraid to buy expensive items.

American singer Britney Spears announced that she has become a victim of robbery. On her Instagram page, the artist revealed that burglars took all her jewelry from her home. In a new video, the stage star showed empty drawers where she used to keep her valuables.

Britney did not disclose when the robbery occurred, whether anything else besides jewelry was stolen, or if the police are investigating the incident. According to the performer, instead of original branded items, she now buys knock-offs because she fears burglars will break in again.

«So, you can see all my jewelry has been stolen… It’s hard to buy new ones now because I’m afraid they’ll disappear. So, I buy them cheaply and fake, but it’s hard because some of my things were originally made for me… And my childhood cross, which I wore from the age of four, is gone… It’s so delicate,» Spears shared her feelings.

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