To return to her previous owners, this poor dog traveled 120 miles with tears in her eyes.

To return to her former owners, this poor dog traveled 120 miles with eyes full of tears.

This adorable dog named Bull was one year old. He had been sold just a few weeks ago. But unfortunately, the dog was sent back to the kennel when a woman was found to be severely allergic to animals.

One day, this loyal dog ran away and returned to the place where he was born. The poor animal was scared, and he ran away to see his former owner. The kennel owner started searching for the puppy; he wanted to find the dog that had disappeared.

The adorable faithful dog was very tired and exhausted, even injured, near his home. The dog had sad, tearful eyes. The poor animal, feeling rejected and useless, was very weak.

To get there, this animal traveled many kilometers. The poor dog lay on the railway track, with injured paws. The dog overcame too many difficulties along the way. The pup was attached to his owner. Now, this dog lives with his owners.

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