The horse looked at her newborn foal… What happened next amazed all the stable staff!

Jenny is the owner of Saratoga Stud in South Africa. The woman was incredibly happy when she learned that her beloved horse, Daisy, was pregnant! Later, when it was time to give birth, Jenny and the stable workers assisted the horse in this! Fortunately, the birth went smoothly, and Don Quixote, a beautiful foal, was born.

The foal looked healthy but too small, considering how big and strong his mother was. This alarmed Jenny. But the answer to all questions was close. As it turned out, the birth was not over yet! The stable staff were very surprised by what was happening.

It seemed that even the horse herself did not realize that she was giving birth to a second foal. But after some time, an adorable sister of Don Quixote was born. Attentive stable workers helped her come into the world. Look at how wonderful it is! The new mother looks tired but happy.

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