Love and care work wonders: the incredible transformation of a rescued cat.

Nur Hamiza from Malaysia has always loved animals and made an effort to help them as much as she could. When she encountered a stray cat in a terrible condition, she knew she had to help this creature. Who, if not her, could give the poor cat a chance at a new life?

Initial condition of Meimei

At first, Meimei looked like a walking corpse: bald, emaciated sides covered in ulcers and wounds, a sick paw and eyes, numerous parasites. The cat weighed only about 2 kg and was on the brink of life and death. Many believed it would be better to euthanize her to end her suffering, but Nur had a different opinion. Out of respect for feelings, we do not publish photos of Meimei in her original condition.

Transformation after a year

A year after being rescued, Meimei became unrecognizable — her fur grew back, thick and shiny.

Rescue process

Nur remembers how the cat approached her, calmly climbed into the box, and endured the vet check-up stoically. It was clear that Meimei wanted to be saved! Despite the doubts of those around her, Nur was confident in success and made every effort to rehabilitate the cat. Thanks to her care, within a year Meimei transformed into a healthy, beautiful, and happy cat.

Life after rescue

Now Meimei still fears unfamiliar people and prefers not to go outside, but she adores her owner and is always by her side. Nur and Meimei are happy and grateful to fate for finding each other.


The story of Meimei’s rescue shows that love and care can work real miracles. Thanks to Nur Hamiza’s efforts and dedication, the cat got a second chance at life and transformed from a tortured creature into a beautiful and happy pet.

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