Shakira talked about raising her sons.

The singer is raising two boys from her former partner Gerard Piqué.

The 47-year-old superstar Shakira graced the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine. In the interview, she shared that she wants her sons to know that life is not «like it is portrayed in the movies.» The artist is raising her 9-year-old son Sasha and 11-year-old son Milan, striving to set a good example for them. In her conversation with the magazine, the «Hips Don’t Lie» hitmaker discussed how she balances her career and motherhood.

«When we are mothers, we never slow down,» Shakira told the publication. «We can continue working, but our obligations as mothers are non-negotiable. Sometimes it is hard to achieve balance, isn’t it? How much time do you dedicate to yourself, your work, your children? But the children are always the priority, and that is what occupies us the most.»


The singer admitted that her feelings for her sons only grew stronger when she became a single mother. To recall, Shakira divorced the 37-year-old Piqué two years ago.

«I have never had to rely on myself as much as I have after the divorce. I had to fight for my survival and my children’s lives. I think they have seen their mom cry, but they have also seen me be happy, laugh, and work tirelessly. And I want to show them that life is not linear. It is not like how people imagine it in the movies. Things don’t happen the way we want, and we have to face disappointment. It is part of the human condition,» she continued.

Shakira with her sons

In an April interview for Allure, Shakira shared that her sons did not like the movie «Barbie» starring Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie, noting that she herself was not thrilled with the film either.

«My sons absolutely did not accept it,» Shakira told the publication. «They found it demeaning, and to some extent, I agree. I am raising two boys. I want them to feel strong while also respecting women. I appreciate pop culture when it tries to empower women without taking away the ability for men to be men, to protect and provide,» concluded the star.

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