A Touching Rescue Story: A Mother Fox Returned for Her Baby

On April 6, in the small town of Arlington, an American family’s morning began with persistent squeaking. After some searching, they discovered that the sounds were coming from a fox cub that had ended up alone on their property.

The family called the Arlington Animal Welfare League in Virginia. Typically, the League’s specialists handle the rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals in distress. People assumed that a healthy animal would not approach humans with such a plaintive squeak.

But the workers refused to take the cub because it was well-fed and looked quite healthy. Moreover, touching it was dangerous, as the mother might not recognize her baby if it smelled like humans. It was decided to place the cub in a basket from which the mother fox could retrieve it herself. The family, worried about the little one’s fate, began to wait.

And not in vain! The specialists were right, and the mother fox returned for her baby that night. This charming rescue story was shared by the animal protection service on their various social media platforms. Within just 12 hours, the story…

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