A little cat found a protector, a friend, and also its happiness in a dog’s kennel.

A little girl found a tiny kitten. The little girl loved it. But shortly after, the family brought home an expensive breed cat and took the poor kitten to the grandmother’s house. Unfortunately, the grandmother did not love it.

The old woman didn’t want the cat; she wouldn’t let it stay at home and barely fed it. One day, the cat disappeared. The grandmother was happy about it. A few days later, it was noticed at the end of the village in a dog’s kennel.

The owners of the dog were extremely surprised to see the cat in its kennel. The dog was very big and barked loudly at everyone. It barked not only at people but also at other dogs that came into its view. No one could pass through the yard.

And the most interesting thing is that the big dog, whom everyone was afraid of, warmed up to the kitten. They started eating from a common bowl and shared the same territory. After many difficulties, the poor kitten found shelter, a friend, and a protector.

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