There’s nothing from Brad Pitt, not a trace! Angelina Jolie stepped out in public with her youngest 15-year-old daughter.

Last year, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s eldest daughter made a splash on the red carpet. The charming Shiloh captivated everyone with her beauty. Many noted that Shiloh took the best from both parents. This year, the couple’s youngest daughter, Vivienne, was the star of the red carpet.

It is worth noting that mother and daughter stepped out to celebrate the success of the Broadway production «The Outsiders.» This work is nominated for 12 Tony Awards.

Angelina admitted that it was Vivienne who inspired her to take on this work. The girl loves theater and everything connected with it. She couldn’t stay out of it and helped her mother in every way possible. The girl was fully involved in the process, so Jolie decided that her daughter should stand next to her on this momentous day. The actress noted that Vivienne inherited her love for theater from her grandmother.

This is no surprise, as Angelina named the little girl after her mother. It seems that along with the name and love for art, the girl also inherited the beauty of her grandmother. Many note the extraordinary resemblance between Vivienne and her mother Angelina. However, users were unable to discern any paternal features.

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