A shelter dog cried when he saw the person standing in front of him.

Rocco found refuge in a Washington shelter when he was just a puppy. Despite the care of the staff, he was aloof and constantly sad, which made the volunteers wonder about his past. Perhaps he had a loving family, which explained his behavior. Deciding to take a chance, caring people posted information about him on social media, hoping his former owner would see the announcement.

To everyone’s surprise, a miracle happened. Very soon after the announcement was posted, a farmer called the shelter, claiming that his beloved pet had gone missing three years ago. They searched for him for a long time, but to no avail. When the man was invited to the shelter so he could make sure it was his dog, no proof was needed. Rocco, sensing his owner’s scent, happily ran towards him, wagging his tail. The little guy couldn’t hold back his tears of joy, because his wait had come to an end.

The owner took his beloved pet back, and now, back in his home, Rant (as he is actually called) no longer hides his joy and devotion.

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