The well-known issue of «fathers and children» as seen in animals.

Being a parent is not easy, regardless of the number of paws or the presence of a tail. And children always remain children until they grow up.

They bring joy almost as often as they bring problems, and they certainly keep their furry «ancestors» from getting bored!

Family Photo: Expectation vs. Reality

Yes, dogs don’t like to bathe, but washing the little one before bed is sacred!

We are responsible for those we adopt.

Such healthy foreheads, but they all cling to mom’s tit.

That’s the proud look you need to guard the house, son!

If you’re going to sleep, do it in your mother’s arms.

The science of fitting into different boxes.

Games with dad are the best, he’ll teach you bad things!

Get used to it, son. This is our job — hard and not always rewarding.

Eternal problems)))

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