Rihanna strolled around Paris without pants

The star appeared in public in a revealing outfit.

The Barbadian singer Rihanna strolled around Paris in a revealing outfit. The Sun published the corresponding photos.

In the photos, the 36-year-old performer is captured with her boyfriend, rapper Rakim Mayers, known by his stage name A$AP Rocky. The celebrity appeared in front of the camera wearing a black oversized T-shirt, a bomber jacket with an army print, nylon stockings, and transparent shoes.

Additionally, she wore sunglasses with a red frame and carried a small bag from the luxury brand Louis Vuitton. It is also noticeable that the artist decided to forgo pants during her stroll.

The 35-year-old musician, on the other hand, opted for a white shirt and a classic black suit consisting of trousers and a jacket. Additionally, he wore leather shoes to match and a tie adorned with text.

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