She gave birth to twins at the age of 37″: Julia Roberts shared photos with her heirs and husband!

Julia Roberts welcomed twins with her husband Danny Moder at the age of 37. The actress, a mother of three, acknowledges that her children share resemblances with Danny. He often shares photos of their children online, which have garnered admiration for their beauty.

The couple, married for 21 years, leads a private family life and shields their children—twins Phinnaeus and Hazel (18 years old) and Henry (16 years old)—from the spotlight. The twins were born healthy in 2004, while Henry joined the family in 2007.

Julia, who embraced motherhood in her late thirties, occasionally expresses concerns about parental mistakes, but believes her children arrived when she was ready to be their mother. She cherishes playful interactions, laughter, and quality time with her children.

To protect her children from the pitfalls of fame, Julia and Danny relocated from Los Angeles to San Francisco, aiming to provide a more normal upbringing.

Julia, averse to the pressures of social media, imposed restrictions on its use by her children to safeguard their well-being.

Beyond shielding her children, Julia promotes unconditional love to help them navigate the complexities of the modern world.

She supported her daughter Hazel during challenging times, introducing her to meaningful experiences like the Women’s March.

Despite their protective measures, Julia and Danny’s children attract attention for their striking appearance. Fans often remark on their beauty, with some highlighting their resemblance to Danny and particularly praising Hazel for her uniqueness.

As the twins turned 18 in 2022, Julia reflected on their journey, expressing a mix of excitement and nostalgia as they prepared for college.

The couple, known for their emphasis on family, continues to celebrate their enduring marriage while raising their children away from the Hollywood spotlights.

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