Grandma brought her cat to the vets and complained that she gives birth every month!

One veterinarian told a story that had us laughing to tears!

Once, an elderly lady brought her cat to their clinic and asked for her to be spayed. She complained that the mother cat was too prolific and brought kittens into the house every month. She said she couldn’t tolerate such a large number of offspring anymore.

The doctor, who was treating the four-legged patients, noticed that cats are physiologically incapable of having so many kittens. However, arguing with the owner proved to be a waste of time, so the vet laid the cat on the table. The assistant administered anesthesia and started shaving the fur on the belly.

And then it turned out that it was actually a male cat. What a surprise! The doctor thought that the elderly lady might be slightly confused and asked her if she had another cat at home.

«No! Only this one,» the owner firmly replied.

During the conversation, it turned out that he was a true gentleman. This cat was bringing his offspring home. The vets were greatly impressed by the four-legged father’s dedication and decided not to deprive him of his manhood.»

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