Atom Egoyan considers his profession a ‘magical torture.

The world-renowned Canadian director of Armenian descent, Atom Egoyan, considers his profession a «magical torture.» Egoyan arrived in Yerevan to participate in the international film festival «Golden Apricot,» during which his film «Seven Veils» was screened.

Egoyan, whose films have repeatedly received international acclaim, shared his thoughts on the profession of directing, calling it a «magical torture,» and spoke candidly about the financial difficulties directors face.

He recalled how his early films were made possible by grants totaling less than $100,000, but as the budget increases, there is a need for private investments, even with state support and tax incentives. «As for my films, they have gained a wide audience, mainly despite my intentions, as they were advertised and promoted not as exotic works, but as erotic thrillers, which brought them success.»

The director also discussed his connection with the Armenian diaspora and his historical roots. He noted that returning to a country that has changed so much evokes mixed feelings: «We came as representatives of the diaspora, coming from places where we were exiled from the land of our ancestors.»

He also touched on the topic of historical tragedies, emphasizing how the successive destruction of ancestral lands led to the formation of a new diaspora and changed the face of the country. Egoyan reminded that «Armenians were the first nation to assert the right to self-determination in the late 1980s, but their demands were ignored by the international community.»

«I return to my country, and my country has changed significantly. And despite this, our spirit somehow remains strong. The festival shows that we can share our culture with each other, and it is wonderful, it is priceless.»

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