From beauty to old age: A frightening picture of Jennifer Lopez appeared on the Internet.

At the age of sixty, the singer is not as flawless as she seems.

Jennifer Lopez didn’t expect that operators would peek into her shooting pavilion. In the photos that later appeared on the Internet, the star looked much older.

The artist was sitting in the shooting pavilion while stylists and hairdressers worked their magic on her appearance. The singer turned towards the camera and allowed onlookers to see what was happening on her head. Instead of her blonde locks, uninvited guests had to witness the silver streaks on the head of Ben Affleck’s wife.

As it turned out, the photo was taken in 2019 during the filming of the «Medicine» music video. The white, glistening hair in the light turned out to be nothing more than skillful makeup. The makeup artists applied paint to the 54-year-old celebrity’s locks and added additional silver strands on top, noticeably aging the actress.

Legion Media

Source of the photo.: Legion Media

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