These 4 Baby Bunnies Think This Golden Retriever Is Their Dad And Snuggle With Him All Day

A kind and beautiful Golden retriever named Bailey was recently surprised with four adorable bunnies.

In a heart-meltingly cute youtube-video, the tiny bunnies flock to the slightly confused but very affectionate pup.

The bunnies seem convinced that Bailey is their new daddy, and Bailey seems to be more than okay with this new development.

Baby bunnies are impossibly cute to begin with, but coupled with cuddly Golden it’s almost too much handle. There’s so much cuteness going on that our hearts can barely take it.

In the video, Bailey lovingly licks his new little “puppies” and the bunnies cuddle up to their new dad and to each other.

They also have some fun hopping around on the bed and exploring all the exciting smells of their new home.

Bailey looks very pleased as the bunnies play on, under, and around him.

Once in a while he gives them a loving lick or a curious sniff, but seems just as content to just relax and watch them enjoy themselves.

Then, when you thought it couldn’t get any cuter, a little bugle named Sky joins the party.

Sky and the bunnies are very fascinated by each other, and it’s so adorable to watch them check each other out.

The bunnies are only 22 days in the video, but already so full of life and energy.

Bailey loves the adorable little quartet and we’re sure he’s going to give them all the snuggles they want.

Now that you’ve taken in all this cuteness, we’re sure you’re craving more.

Luckily, you can see even more of Bailey and his friends on Bailey’s Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

But first, check out the full video in all its cuddly glory!

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