12 photos of cats and dogs that found an owner and became much happier.

Every homeless cat or dog dreams of finding a home. When that moment finally comes, they truly become happy. We’ve put together a collection of photos of our furry friends, comparing their pictures from their former street life or shelter time to how they look today, enjoying their new home life.

A kitten found its owner, sleeping under a car.

We found Bagel on the street 1.5 years ago. Now he is a real beauty and the darling of the whole family.

Fred didn’t even smile before.

This three-legged cat is Bobby Wobbles. His life was not easy, but now he has caring owners.

Little Zena used to be a scared creature, but now she is a happy dog.

In the photos, only an hour apart, but what a tremendous transformation for the puppies!

Ginger Leo—from the shelter to his new home.

Lucy (Lulu) looked unhappy at the shelter, but now she radiates happiness.

Meet Chi-chi the cat! A well-groomed beauty with an adorable face. It’s better not to look at his small photo from the past.

In the shelter, all the pets were unhappy, but how they flourish when they find a new home.

Cat Cyrus underwent significant changes in just 1.5 months.

What a tremendous difference between the photos – from the hopeless gaze of an abandoned pet to the happy grin of a joyful home companion.

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