Lost for 4 years, Daisy waited for her owners by the roadside. But their reunion didn’t go as expected.

Bon Bon was a happy dog living with a caring family consisting of elderly spouses. These people raised him from early childhood and cherished him as a family member. However, one day in September 2015, their fate took a turn when they decided to visit their daughter, who lived in another province, and chose to bring Bon Bon with them.

Normally, Bon Bon would tolerate car rides well, but this time, something caught his attention, and he managed to escape from the car window when it stopped at a traffic light. The elderly couple didn’t notice this immediately and only realized their dog was no longer in the car at a gas station. They began searching, covering all the surrounding areas, but couldn’t find any traces of their pet.

The family spent a week in despair, and despite their efforts, they returned home without Bon Bon, assuming he had perished. But they were mistaken. Instead of simply wandering and seeking shelter, Bon Bon returned to the spot where they lost him and began to wait. He believed that his owners would surely come back for him. He spent four years in that place, every day, waiting.

The dog, despite the long period without his owners, continued to wait. He sometimes roamed the surroundings, but always came back to the same spot where he was left. Passing motorists noticed him there and even tried to help.

Homelessness began to take its toll on his condition. From a well-groomed dog, he turned into a dirty «stray» with matted fur, tangles, and bald spots. Many sympathized with the dog, but only one woman, Saowaluk Pinnuvat, decided to offer help.

Saowaluk drove by this road every day on her way to work. She saw Bon Bon sitting in the same spot and began to wonder about his fate. She found out that the dog was homeless and decided to intervene. Saowaluk took the dog to the vet, provided him with medical care, and named him Leo. She nursed him for a week, giving him her care and attention.

However, Leo disappeared unexpectedly, and Saowaluk speculated that something had happened to him, perhaps he had been stolen or had encountered trouble. But the next day, Leo returned to his place along the road. He continued to wait for his owners.

Saowaluk tried to take Leo again, but he refused to leave. So she decided to leave things as they were and started bringing him food every day and spending time with him, calling him Leo.

The story of Leo became widely discussed on social media, and one day, his owners, four years after his disappearance, learned about it through their daughter. They immediately went to meet Leo, and for the elderly couple, it was an emotional moment. Bon Bon (now Leo) joyfully greeted his owners but showed that his feelings were complex. He had become very attached to Saowaluk, and it was evident.

Leo demonstrated that dogs are capable of experiencing complex emotions and expressing loyalty not only to their owners but also to other people who care for them. This story also highlights the remarkable ability of dogs to form bonds with humans and show their devotion.

In the end, Leo returned to Saowaluk and started a new life with her under a new name. This story illustrates how deeply dogs can connect with humans and demonstrate their loyalty to those who show care and love.

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