Kim Kardashian kisses Emma Roberts in the new trailer for «American Horror Story.»

Kim Kardashian is seen kissing her co-star Emma Roberts in the new trailer for «American Horror Story: Delicate Part Two.»

In the trailer, Kim, portraying Shivon Corbin, leans in to kiss Emma and asks her, «What would you give for this?» Emma responds, «Anything.»

The twelfth season of the American horror anthology series, «American Horror Story,» subtitled «Delicate,» is based on Danielle Valentine’s book «Delicate State.»

«American Horror Story: Delicate Part Two» is set to premiere on April 3rd.

Kim made her debut in the first part of AHS last year. Several critics, including USA Today and Variety, praised her acting performance.

According to the AHS Instagram page, in the 13th season, Kardashian will play the role of «the most successful divorce lawyer in Los Angeles.»

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